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South Ockendon Residents’ Report

Chairs Report

A statement of events was handed out to residents present. This statement had also been attached to the minutes of the last meeting. The statement was relating to the events concerning the Horse problem on land at the Ham River.

Representatives from Rural Arisings were introduced to the meeting namely Sally Rutherford and Rodney Chartres.

Chair invited Rodney to explain the problem of the horses on the Ham River and felt that the Residents Association had been mis-informed. He stated that when the first plans were drawn up there was an inclusion for horses to be re located to the back field, however when Thames Gateway Development Corporation finally agreed the plans they would not agree to horses being left to graze on the land.

The land was to be turned into a Country Park and horses would not be able to graze there freely due to them being a danger to the public. Environment and Wild Life Organisations do not favour horses on the land due to the damage to wild flowers and shrubs.

Mr Burnley was given a grazing licence attached to the land and this lease was an almost yearly term. He consequently allowed Ms R Day to become a sub tenant; she in turn then allowed the Horse owners Mr Brewster, Ms M. Brand and Mr Blackburn to become sub, sub tenants. The sub tenant was given 2 months notice to leave the land and she then issued a 1 months notice to the horse owners to leave the land on 1st April. No rent has been paid to the owners from that date. Therefore the horse owners are now trespassing on the land. Those who are left were offered an alternative grazing site.

Rodney Chartres could not understand why the Horse Owners are insisting on staying on contaminated land, holding up work on the Country Park.

Mr A Blackburn then stated that the Court Farm at Aveley, which was one of the sites being offered, was in the process of being repossessed. He has managed to relocate some of his horses but not all of them.

Ms Brand stated that the Horse Owners had been told many lies. Ms R Day did not communicate. The rent was always paid regularly. There was a meeting at Court Farm and she was asked to sign a contract. She said that there were loopholes in the contract and would not sign it.

Mr C Savill stated that as a Residents Association we could not support something that was illegal. The problem appears to be with the landowner and Ms R Day. Not Rural Arisings. He stated that he had tried to arrange a meeting for Ms Brand to attend but she did not get back to him.

A resident then wanted to know about the Gas Vent on the land in question. Rodney then went on to explain how it works and what materials are used on the site.

There was to be a traffic operation along the South Road and West Road. Police to report on the findings. Potholes and badly worn roads are still not being dealt with.


Residents spoke of a family residing in Mayflower Close. They have young children who do not respond to any censure. Some parents are worried about allowing their children to play in this area because of the behaviour of this family. Police have been called to the house and are aware of the problem. They suggested a Mobile Camera as a deterrent. Wheelie Bins are being climbed on allowing the children to enter the rear of resident’s properties.

Dog bins have been kicked over. Broken Doors have been thrown over the railway fence. A resident has asked for his front garden area to be flattened and grass put down due to the shrubs being torn to pieces by youths. A tree also needs cutting back.

Wheelie Bins are being left on walkways, Rubbish is left in the middle of the Square. When are the remainder of the paths to be tarmac’d?

All is well!

Rebecca has become a mentor for members of the Youth Cabinet and hopes to bring along a member to the next meeting.

The chicane near Mayflower Close has now been removed. Diagonal Hazard lines have been painted with a post in the middle of the road. This has become an even bigger hazard.

Still no reply from Les Burns. This to be followed up.


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