Thursday, April 18, 2024

Tough Action on Cruisers

THURROCK residents will be pleased to know that finally some action is being taken to curtail the racing on the roads near Lakeside.

Funding has been found for speed bumps in Oliver Road, West Thurrock, which is part of the ‘race track’ used.

For the A126 further work is being undertaken to see if the Highways Agency may be able to close some parts of it at night to prevent the racers from going there. As it is a main road speed bumps cannot be installed on it.

The police have further advised that speed cameras on the A126 is also not an option because of government policy – as there have to be a certain number of deaths/accidents/collisions before an installation is approved.

In the meantime the police have assured cllr Tunde Ojetola that they will do their best on saturday nights to move the racers on.

YourThurrock spoke to cllr Tunde Ojetola and Chief Inspector Paul Moor about the continuing problems.


  1. Speed humps are only one solution to this problem; however, maybe the traffic police should start prosecuting these morons before someione gets killed, they need to have their licences taken away and their cars crushed.

    I almost had the displeasure of running into one of the prats as he was spinning the wrong way around a roundabout, if they wish to race their cars then join the many who take their motors to Brands hatch on a track day, mind you the amount of money they waste on their cars they probably can’t afford the racing insurance.


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