Thursday, April 18, 2024

“Learn Your Lines” Advice To Youth Theatre

ONE of the basics in theatre is that you should at least make some attempt to learn your lines. That and don’t bump into the furniture. Unfortunately, Thurrock Youth Theatre forgot this on twenty to thirty occasions during their opening performance of “Pride, Prejudice and Other Useful Qualities.”

This was at the heart of the adjudicator’s assessment and the audience agreed as a depressingly under-rehearsed play obscured a number of very good performances.

They cast handled the comedy well. Alex Lawler’s set-upon husband, the snobbish Mr Darcy played by Michael Harris and a splendidly dismissive Charles Bingley played by Craig Morris. The running jokes were very good especially the one about the dowdy sister.

This was an enjoyable play but when you are asking people to pay £8 it comes across as contempt for the audience that you are above learning your lines.

Could Do Better.


  1. I intended this night and enjoyed the show, I agree there was some prompting, but the article did not mention enough positive attributes which the adjudicator did mention! I feel a more balanced article would encourage future talent to take the stage.

  2. Thurrock Youth Theatre deserves better support all round. As an organisation is has achieved a lot over MANY long years – one would have thought that the wretched Council could have AT LEAST made sure that the Youth Theatre in OUR name had its’ own meeting/rehearsal facility at THAMESIDE Theatre. but – no – this is Thurrock. People were greatly insulted when the ‘new’ library was formed (what a joke!) and the lovely display Cabinets with the Theatre’s trophies on public display were – binned? Any performance costs money to produce – quite apart from dedicated EFFORT – and when it is done in the Borough’s NAME – the Borough controllers should be giving REAL support. There is no real encouragement to sustain the things that really matter – only from the dedicated Adults who try and keep tradition going. They have my greatest respects and heartfelt – sympathy. Thurrock leaders get far more than they deserve sometimes. So, well done, Thurrock Youth Theatre for even turning out for US. Been there – seen it – didn’t bother to wait for a T-shirt!


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