Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Waiting For Godfrey

THE wonderful thing about Thurrock Courts Players is that they are now such a settled side. The only way ensembles can work is that the team are able to gel over a long period of time. There must also be an opportunity for players to share out the major roles. TCP do it naturally and seamlessly.

On this occasion, Carole Holland, who played Gran was able to produce a real star turn as the elderly lady in her dotage but apart from that, it was a real ensemble piece with the acting credits fairly shared around.

But because of the “ensemble nature” you can enjoy a number of roles at your leisure. Special mention goes to some of the unsung heroes of the TCP. Karen Reeves never puts in a poor performance. Her Elaine is a women of sensitivity and charm. Likewise Wayne Prince gets almost damned with faint praise as reliable but he does always play, “reliable” characters and does them very well.

Luke Coldham puts in a fantastic cameo as the barman and Nicole Povey’s shrill local girl voice cuts glass at 200 yards!

An immensely likable play that gives a good name to amateur dramatics.


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