Monday, April 15, 2024

Where Will £52 Million Worth of Health Cuts Fall?

IN a Health Committee meeting lost in the hub-bub of the General Election campaign, a representative of the South West Essex PCT gave an overview of the proposed cuts to health services in Thurrock.

This wasn’t lost to Little Thurrock Councillor Rob Gledhill who attended the meeting and put the concerns of his residents to the meeting. One of Rob’s main concerns was that senior residents were discharged from hospitals too early.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has this week announced plans to impose financial penalties on hospitals that discharge patients who are subsequently readmitted for emergency treatment within 30 days. The move follows an apparent shift in government policy that aims to focus on the needs of NHS patients rather than the management of hospitals, which is undoubtedly a positive step forward as far as most people are concerned.

Hospital readmissions are thought to cost the NHS dearly both in the financial context and in terms of overall performance, which can be measured most simply by the success rate of treatment within a 30-day period.

YourThurrock spoke to Cllr Gledhill about the many concerns he had regarding the cuts.


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