Thursday, April 18, 2024

Tory Council “Threw” £70,000 For New Radio Station

As new council leader John Kent attempts to get to grips with the challenges of balancing the council’s books, it appears that his job is being made extremely difficult as stories start to surface of the Tories profligate spending.

At midday on Monday June 28th, Link FM on 92.2FM broadcast for the last time from it’s centre in Harold Hill.

After four years, the company have found that the financial demands of trying to run a local radio station are too onerous.

Link FM have applied for 30 grants in the last two years but on each occasion, have been turned down.

Many industry experts believe that the business model for “FM only stations” is in need of reform.

However, last year, the Tory-led Thurrock Council decided to buck that trend and splashed out £70,000 on part-funding a new radio station called Safe Radio.

The Southend-based company plan to start broadcasting within the next year.

Industry experts are surprised at the amount of money the council threw at the venture.

One expert, who did not wish to be named said: “The future is internet stations. FM stations for youth is the equivalent of youth clubs with table tennis and squash. The kids don’t buy it.

“On the other hand, it isn’t what you are worth: it is what you negotiate. If you can present a business plan that ticks all the right boxes, then more power to your elbow.”

The news comes in the week that highly-respected Youth and Connexions worker, Lewis Clarke quit in disgust at the cut-backs to the hugely popular Studio 7 recording studio at the Grays High Street office.

Recently, a High Court judge was impressed with the work of the studio in diverting young people from a life of crime.

A council spokesperson said: “The figure is about £70,000 to date. The last programme of work with disadvantaged youngsters is just concluding.

“We will be liaising with them closer to the point they start broadcasting to explore how we can best utilise the station as a means of informing listeners of the work of the Children’s Trust and, crucially how the Trust can interact and get the views and feedback of young people on a range of issues in the Children and Young People’s Plan.”


  1. What is this council playing at, first it was pointless art now blowing away £70k of the local taxpayers money on a radio station, what a complete waste of money this is, see what happens when the loony left labour part get their hands on the public purse.

    What is next, TBC to start in their own pantomime, i am sure there are plenty of people on the council that are qualified to play the back end of the horse,.,.

  2. Apologies to the loony left labour, having just re read the story it would appear that it was the Crafty Cons that blew the purse


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