Thursday, December 7, 2023

Domestic Violence in Thurrock Surges After World Cup Defeat

DISGRACEFULLY, the Womens Refuge in Thurrock was full all weekend as domestic violence incidence surged before, during, after England’s world cup defeat to Germany.

Although police have not been able to release figures, YourThurrock understands that specially trained officers were on duty until 6am as violent men took their anger out on their wives. partners or girlfriends.

Head of Thurrock Womens Aid, Erika Jenkins said:”We have been very busy for the last two weeks. We had no bedspace all weekend, so the national helplines would not have given our number out.

“We had two rooms on friday and there were three referrals within twenty minutes.”

The depressing news comes as the Grays Domestic Violence Courts that sit on a wednesday are reported to becoming busier and busier with one source close to the criminal justice system claiming they are close to being the busiest in the country.


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