Friday, March 1, 2024

Woodward Era “Ends” As Grays Fight Off Taxman

IT LOOKS like it was less a stay of execution but a changing of the guard as Grays Athletic went to the High Court today.

The club were granted three months breathing space as the taxman seeks to have the club wound up due to an undisclosed debt.

After the brief hearing, Chief Executive, Andy Swallow told fans via the clubs website that Mickey and Judith Woodward have now handed their shares to him.

Mr Swallow said:

“Mickey Woodward has been to court today and the Winding-Up Order has been set aside for 98 days whilst both parties agree the amounts etc.

“I am now a director of Grays Athletic and both Mickey & Judith Woodward have handed their shares to me (what have i done!!!!) and hopefully by this time next week i should be the sole director as long as we get the paperwork correct.

“I can assure you we are trying our best to fulfil all requirements and we are so close and it would be a real shame to waste everybody’s time and effort.

“Personally its tiring but the goal is massive for this club and fans and that’s what is driving us on and I thank you for your continued support”.


  1. Never a dull day at GAFC, wonder what the rules are for the Rymans League regarding a winding up order being placed on a club, something needs to be done soon as the fixture are due out in a few weeks.

  2. Never a dull day is an understatement!

    plenty of positives coming from the club.

    It is a worry!

    I wonder if the dismantling of Bridge Road, will have any bearing on the outcome?

    Can the fixtures and fittings be construed as assets?

    see below.

    section 212 misfeasance charges being brought against you for alleged misconduct during the course of company winding up proceedings. This is usually when directors tend to move company assets out of the company or sell them under value during the course of its winding up. Such actions are unlawful if done incorrectly.

    Add this to the unknown Ryman League rules on winding up orders.

    Where does this leave our club!!!!!


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