Thursday, April 18, 2024

New Council Chief Approved

Thurrock Council has appointed Graham Farrant as its new Chief Executive.

A special meeting of the council on Wednesday (30 June) unanimously supported Mr Farrant’s appointment after the recommendation had been unanimously made by the cross-party appointment panel.

Moving the motion, Council Leader, Cllr John Kent, said the council has waited a long time for this moment.

He said: “It proved impossible for us to appoint to this key post last year, but I have no doubt the delay was necessary and Graham is the man for the job.

“His experience in both the private and public sectors will prove invaluable to the council during the months to come when we will have to make some very difficult decisions.

“The injection of Graham’s private sector experience — maintaining and driving a lean and efficient business machine — combined with his lengthy time in the public sector rising through the ranks from Environmental Health Officer to Chief Executive means he has an exceptional perspective, if not a unique one.

“I think, in the end, that was probably what decided the appointment panel. We had four quality candidates, but unanimously we came down in favour of Graham. There was no doubt at all.”

He added: “The appointment of a permanent chief executive is the crucial last element of Thurrock’s improvement journey. Now that is in place I look forward to working with Graham in the months and years ahead.”

Mr Farrant’s appointment was seconded by Cllr Garry Hague, Leader of the opposition group who said he “echoed” Cllr Kent’s comments. It was unanimously by the council.

The new Chief Executive will start at the Civic Offices in Grays on Monday, 2 August.


  1. Sadly – Ian Hislop – who keeps an eye on rotten boroughs of U.K. managed by rotten C.E.O.s and he failed to give a good note for Mr. Farrant. Whilst enjoying a Shandy today in a Grays Pub – some acquaintances showed me damaging copies of Ian Hislop’s team’s findings on Mr. Farrant – referring to him as : Graham ‘Club-Class’ Farrant amongst other things. They hope to highlight another incompetence on Thurrock Council lack of judgement on yet another important matter. Who can blame them? I will try to get back copies and read full articles for myself. In the meantime how will THURROCK ever improve in a political culture which constantly has to paper over its’ own cracks? It is getting more and more like an Ealing comedy – horror version – in day to day living – sad to say.


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