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TTMS: No Publicity Please……

LAST night was the first night of the Thurrock Thameside Musical Society’s production of Guys and Dolls. Unfortunately the theatre lay two thirds empty. With the show on for another four nights, the signs are not good.

That has been the worrying trend for many amateur groups in the borough during the recession.

On monday, a yourthurrock reporter was in the Thameside Theatre when a member of the taxpayer-funded group approached him and asked if they would be covering the show. The reporter replied that, unlike other esteemed organs, they hadn’t received a press release but they would be happy to film a pre-piece and review the play as well.

The actor introduced the reporter to the Director. The Director wasn’t too keen.

He said: “Oh, we would have to run it through the Chairman and he wasn’t happy with the criticism last time…”

Most seasoned am dram review watchers will say. Hey, all am dram reviews have to be gushing hagiographies to each and every person from “Beryl who polished Nathan Detroits shoes to the guy who played Nathan Detroit better than Marvin Brando” (sic).

Last year, our reporter wrote a very fair, well-balanced review. He did point out that the sound wasn’t great. Because..the sound wasn’t great. The company pointed out that the mic’s weren’t anything to do with them. Fair comment on both sides.

So, there you have it. YourThurrock will not be joining the massed ranks of the media throng all queueing to review Guys and Dolls. We understand that there are no plans for news organisations to review their play at all.

With cuts running deep and wide to the public sector in Thurrock, we wish them well, when they apply for Arts Council funding next year. Luck may have to be lady that night….

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  1. I love this article! Mr Casey has mentioned a song in his last paragraph that features in the Musical, Guys and Dolls, the same musical that TTMS are performing. What are the chances of that? I really laughed when I read it but not as much as when I realised the headline was ‘No Publicity Please…’. How I laughed again on the way to the box office!!!!!

  2. “… to the guy who played Nathan Detroit better than Marvin Brando” (sic).”

    Alas, anyone would have trouble playing Nathan Detroit better than Marlon Brando, primarily because Frank Sinatra played Nathan Detroit in the film. Some fantastic research Mr Casey. Top Marks!

  3. Dear Art Fan,

    You may want to consider a little classical education here. I am well aware that Marlon Brando plays Sky Masterson and not Nathan Detroit. If you look at the copy, the word sic appears in brackets. That is a literary device meaning, in general, deliberate mistake.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Michael Casey

  4. Dear Michael

    How kind of you to tell me that, you entertain and you inform, what a website!

    I particularly like how you have used a lovely little picture of Marlon Brando to make your wittiness even more evident.

    I shall tell you something, you do not get this level of service from other esteemed organs.

    A thousand apologies. I see after further research (thus broadening my classical education as you helpfully suggested) that it is used to show that a mistake has been deliberately reproduced verbatim from the original. It is often used to highlight another person’s error, usually for the purpose of ridicule.

    I am truly thankful for your clarification.

    ‘Art Fan’ (sic)


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