Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Orsett Fun Day Could Be the Last

The Orsett Village Fun Run and Fun Day has been running since the Queen’s Jubilee. Initially, just for villagers, it raised it’s funds through dances and raffles and general good nature but the committee who run the show are looking to move on and one of it’s longest serving and most diligent members ,Tracy Pigg ,is looking to hand over the reins.

They have never advertised the day or pushed for people outside of the village to attend and that’s the way they liked it. They have tried Bank Holiday’s, sundays and this year a saturday and unusually for them they were blessed with great weather.

I sincerely hope someone comes forward to take over, and its hopeful as the village population has almost doubled in the last few years . The Community Forum couldn’t find a chairman recently, lets hope the fun day can.


  1. It would be a great shame to see this event disappear. Whilst preserving the unique character of the event maybe the organisers could get some outside help from NGAGE & other Forums but allow Orsett people to take centre stage.

  2. Orsett is a beautiful village. I have been fortunate to have a stand at a few of the fun days, unfortunatly I couldnt attend this one as I was already booked at another venue.Tracy Pigg and the comittee have worked hard to put on a really good fun day over the years, and at times they have had everything against them. One year we had hailstorms another we had rain so heavy we were afraid we would all be flooded out, but with the attitude that the show must go on we all ended up in the small village hall, and yes we all had a brilliant time.Since then the village has grown and I feel that there must be someone that has the time to take it all on and re-form the comittee and carry the torch for the village. Come on Orsett you have the best fun day out of all of the other villages. It would be such a shame to have no more. Once again Tracy and the team thankyou for all your hard work and the fun you have given to all in the village, and allowing me to share it with you.


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