Monday, May 20, 2024

Bas Fest Bakes in the Sunshine

There will be a few burnt shoulders in the morning. Essex man decided to remove his shirt today and he will pay the price . Thousands of people attended the 14th Bas Fest at Gloucester park this weekend and they roasted. I would love to know how much beer and cold drinks were consumed over the two day event.

This really is a big event and with two large music stages and several smaller entertainment platforms it takes a lot of management. The whole day seemed to go like clockwork with no hint of trouble and just everyone was there to enjoy the sunshine and listen to the music.

Excellent sets from Pink Floyd Tribute band In The Flesh and great to see Thurrock band The Eighth Deadly Sin and Tall Dark Friend perform on the Gateway FM stage.

Heatwave and Josh Du Bovie closed the show and we can only look forward to next years show and hope its as good as this one


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