Monday, February 26, 2024

Half A Million Views And Rising!

YOU may wonder how many people actually view YourThurrock.Com.

Our youtube channels have just passed half a million views. With over 2,500 films on the channel that equates to an average of 800 views per day. In many ways, it is our UK Gold/Dave channel as people surf the films that we have been putting up for over two years now.

Some films have huge coverage. Perri Kiely from Diversity still pulls them in with one film having 26,000 views alone.

On the main site, we now average around 2,000 page views per day.
The day after the General Election saw 8,000!

We know because we use Google Analytics. We have had viewers from all 50 states in the USA and 127 countries. Hello to our 6 Albanian viewers in Tirana; our five in Santiago, Chile, three in Torshavn in the Faroe Islands and our one viewer in the Netherland Antilles!

It is a tough world for newspapers: Over 100 local papers went to the wall last year and 2010 doesn’t look any better.
When people ask why we don’t have a print version, we reply: “Where do you keep your vinyl records?”

All we can pledge is that we will continue to be out there seven days a week.

It is a borough rich in news. Our objective continues to be that we will promote the borough while scrutinising that which needs to be looked at.

We often get it wrong: sometime one misjudges the mood, sometimes the tone and sometimes the spelling and the punctuation and the grammar but we also thank those who contact us to tell us so (Effect/Affect…Gordon Osborne etc etc).

So, we will get back out there: Scratton Road Street Party, Cricket, Chafford Hundred Primary Fete, interview with Tunde Ojetola on the proposed library cuts and much much more.

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