Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Grandparents Day At Chafford Hundred

MEMORIES like opinions can be divided. For one grandparent who visited Chafford Hundred Campus, the “old days’ saw much more respect for the teacher. For another elder, they have a firm memory of the six canes one of their teachers had on display in his classroom.

Likewise, another grandparent was so impressed with the technology at the most improved school in the country whilst another worried that there were too many computers which would lead to students not being able to think for themselves.

Either way, it was a fascinating debate and a great idea by the school to bring in the grandparents for the day.

On their tour, they saw classes in action, drama, ballroom dancing as well as debating and one of the students taking a class.

Both generations agreed that there was a lot they could learn from each other.


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