Mayor’s Car: Black Jag/ White Elephant?

DEPUTY Mayor Eddie Hardiman is a busy civic dignitary and a very committed one. Eddie is often seen darting around the borough, combining his full time job with his civic duties.

On sunday, Eddie spent the morning at the Purfleet Heritage Centre with the Gurkhas. In the afternoon, Eddie shared a beer and a chat with the residents of Scratton Road at their wonderful street party.

We did notice however, that there was no Mayor’s Car and chaffeur.

YourThurrock understands that parsimonious Eddie realises that we are in the teeth of the cuts and chooses to take his own car.

However that begs the question: How much does the car cost to lease and do we really need it?

A Freedom of Information Request to Thurrock Council revealed that:

“The budget for the Mayoral car and chauffeur costs in 2010/11 is £21,500. However, it should be noted that this budget supports both the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor.”

Many people are excited to see the Mayor attend a function. Certainly we could see that when Mayor Anne Cheale attended at the Chafford Hundred Campus last week at the Youth Cabinet vote.

But, as one parent said: “They were excited to see the Mayor and not her gas-guzzling, eco-unfriendly car. Especially as it parked right outside the library that the Labour adminstration are set to pull the funding from”.

Once again, with the tsunami of cuts about to come, the costs of matters such as the Mayor’s car will come under scrutiny.

Scrap it and you could go a long way to keeping the Chafford Library open or pay for two carers or employ another consultant for 40 days.

What would be the alternative: Tandem, bus pass, motorbike and sidecar or rickshaw? Send us your suggestions…

One Response to "Mayor’s Car: Black Jag/ White Elephant?"

  1. Lambo   July 21, 2010 at 11:11 am

    The Mayor should be setting an example and ditch the freebie ride, I am sure that they have their own mode of transport, be that Car, Bike or Rickshaw, as pointed out in this article TBC are making cuts to public services so why not the Mayor-mobile.

    Infact why does TBC need a mayor? what purpose do they hold in the borough other than attending community events, could this not be undertaken by the leader of the council, are they just another pointless figurehead that is costing money??

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