Friday, December 8, 2023

Labour: “Tory Leaders Rejected Budget Discussions”

TORY claims that Labour have not involved them in Budget negotiations have been rebuffed after it was revealed that their Leader and Deputy Leader declined an invitation to discuss the Budget.

Leader of the Council John Kent said: “I invited Conservative leader Garry Hague and Deputy Leader Amanda Arnold to meet with myself and all the Senior Council Officers to discuss the budget.

“I did not receive a reply from Cllr Hague. Cllr Arnold sent her apologies.”

“We feel we have gone out of our way to involve the Conservatives in the scrutiny process. Two of the scrutiny committees have Conservative Chairs.

“The advice to all Chairs was that they should closely work with the officers in discussions regarding the budget.

“These are unprecedented times. Yes, we have rushed things but Central Government imposed a £4 million cut and we have to deal with it”

All Tory councillors were invited to attend last nights cabinet meeting. Councillor Hague and Arnold were not present.

YourThurrock has made every effort to interview Cllrs’ Hague and Arnold on the budget but they have not made themselves available.

YourThurrock is hoping to catch then in the Hospitality/VIP Tent at T-Fest on saturday.


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