Sunday, March 3, 2024

Hidden Treasure Of The Fire Museum

Tucked behind Grays Fire Station in Hogg Lane is the wonderful Essex Fire Museum.

This has been a project of love for former firefighter Roger Pickett, from Aveley, and a life long ambition.

Roger served at Grays Fire Staion from 1976 until two years ago when he had the opportunity to create the museum.

It hasn’t been easy and would have been impossible without the help of the Fire Authority and a small army of volunteers.

The museum has been open for two years now and has proved immensly popular but only now is it nearing completion.

With increasing responsibilities for community safety activities, Essex has moved headlong into reaching out to the neighbourhoods it serves. The museum is expected to play a key role in the Service’s educational work with schools in the area, where it is anticipated it will be used not simply as a repository of artifacts but as a living, breathing historical experience.

The museum is free to view but only open by appointment only.

You can make an appointment by phoning 01375 379167

Please watch this speciallly made video to get a flavour

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