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Chafford Hundred Primary School Fete

The Chafford Hundred Primary School PTA is grateful to all who participated in the Sumer Fete on Saturday July 17th. The event was a real success and showed the strength of the school’s presence within the Chafford Hundred Community.

The weather held up and the day was attended by a huge number of people of all ages.

Brinda Bissessur, Chair of the PTA, feels it was all worth the effort; ‘The commitment of all has made this a really enjoyable experience. Organising a first Summer Fete will always be difficult but with the joint efforts of so many staff, parents and students we showed what the school is capable of. We are proud of our achievements and we are certain that this marks the first of many community events in the school.’

Jayne Gedden, Treasurer of the PTA, has rested her weary hands and calculator after a day of counting the spoils. ‘The return on the day has been a financial triumph for the PTA. We have achieved almost £3000 profit, which is quite unbelievable. We are grateful for the sponsorship and the attendance by all the individuals who helped run the activities. People have been extraordinarily generous and we extend a huge ‘Thank You to you all!’.
Parents came in their hundreds and joined in the fun. They have joined the PTA Facebook page and made their views of the day clear!

‘We paid a visit and had a great time; plenty for kids to do. My daughter liked the martial arts performance that much that she has asked to go to one of their lessons! Great job done by all. Well done!

‘Well done everyone – what a great day. It was good to see so many people turn up and support the PTA.’

‘We popped over for half an hour and ended up staying for 3 hours. !! Loads to do, loved it. Well done to all. My daughter has decided she wants to go to this school!!!’

‘I have to say Chafford is a great school. I’m very proud that my daughter goes there and that I’m an associate of the school. Well done one and all!’

Mike Lovett, Headteacher, was in attendance with many of his staff for the entire event; ‘It has been a real pleasure to see what can be achieved when staff, students and parents come together. I am very proud to be leading a school with this amount of participation.’ Vicky Corcoran, Parent Governor also enjoyed the day with her children; ‘Days like today demonstrate the huge potential of our school and as a parent governor I would like to personally thank all of you for an outstanding achievement.’

The PTA are committed to making this the first in a tradition of amazing summer days and fundraising events. They thank all involved and look forward to your continuing and enhanced support in the future.


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