Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Clamping To Be Made Illegal

WHEEL clamping on private land will be banned in England and Wales, the Government announced today.

The ban will be introduced in the Government’s Freedom Bill in November and will come into force shortly after Royal Assent.

Once in place, anyone who clamps a vehicle or tows it away on private land will face tough penalties.

Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone said: “The Government is committed to ending the menace of rogue private sector wheel-clampers once and for all.

“For too long motorists have fallen victim to unscrupulous tactics by many clamping firms. Reports of motorists being marched to cash points or left stranded after their car has been towed are simply unacceptable.

“A ban on clamping and towing on private land will end this abuse and companies who decide to flout new laws will face severe penalties.”

Many of the complaints in Thurrock revolved around clamping operated by South Essex Clamping Limited who operated from The Old Rectory, North Road, South Ockendon.

The company was struck off Companies House in June 2010.

YourThurrock understands that the company operating nearest to the borough is SEC Private parking Control Limited, 26 Hemmells, Laindon North Trade Centre, Laindon. Two of the Directors are Jason Pottle and Edward Blundell of The Old Rectory, North Road, South Ockendon.

In Scotland, clamping on private land has been illegal since 1992. Any person who does so could be liable to charges of theft and extortion.


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