Friday, December 8, 2023

Schools Need Governors

Become a school governor need not take up much of your time, but can make a huge difference to local education and provide you with a rewarding role within your community.

Are you looking for a new challenge and want to make a real difference in Thurrock.

Volunteering to become a school governor is an excellent way to get involved in your community and make a real difference to local education.  School governors do not need to have any special qualification, have a high-powered job or be a parent – in fact the most important quality is a real desire to help provide children with the best possible education and be willing to work as part of a team.  The best governing bodies are often made up from a wide mix of people from all walks of life, allowing different opinions, skills and fresh ideas that can benefit a school.

National charity School Governors’ One-Stop Shop (SGOSS) has been approached by schools in the area to find governors to help fill their vacancies.

School governors represent the largest group of volunteers in the country and are essential to the success of our schools.  Acting as a ‘critical friend’ to the head teacher, governors provide strategic management and support.  They are involved in making a range of important decisions about how a school is run, from managing its budget to appointing senior staff and planning for a school’s future. People frequently ask how much time is  needed to be an effective governor and  are often  surprised to find that the average time commitment is just 6-8 hours per month, which allows volunteers to attend  meetings and do the necessary preliminary reading.

Volunteering to become a school governor is an excellent way to get involved in our community and make a real difference to local education

Each governing body is made up of parents, school staff, local authority representatives , community governors, foundation governors (where specified)  Community governors  bringing an external perspective and passion for their area, complementing the standpoint of other governors and adding their own value to the education system.

Whilst the dedication of school governors adds enormous value to local schools, there are also clear benefits in terms of personal development.  The role gives volunteers an opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills, work in a team and meet new people whilst developing a new awareness of the education system.

SGOSS provides a free service working with local schools, businesses and community groups in Thurrock to place new governor volunteers where they are most needed.  To find out more, please contact Pam Richardson at SGOSS on 0207 288 3539, email: or visit


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