Monday, May 27, 2024

Chafford Hundred: “Top Of The Borough!”

CHAFFORD HUNDRED have broken all their previous records as 79% of students gaining 5 or more A* to C GCSE’s (inc Eng/Maths), an amazing 17% improvement on the previous year.

For many it will come as no surprise as Chafford is the most improved school in the country and many will have seen their inexorable rise up the league tables as it now passes Grays Convent and Gable Hall.

Headteacher Chris Tomlinson said: “We have gained 100% 5 or more A* to C GCSE’s. 47% of our students gained at least 3 A*. That is quite phenomenal.”

Local councillor Tunde Ojetola was one of the first to praise the school. He said: “When Mr Tomlinson said last year that Campus was going to exceed the 2008/09 result, I thought it was optimistic, but again, due to the resilience and commitment of the students and teachers, Campus has proven that setting targets and surpassing them is something which you are quite good at.”

YourThurrock sent it’s cameras down to the school to speak to the exultant students and Headteacher, Chris Tomlinson.


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