Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Tattoo John: Return From Exile!

NO PRISON could hold him (erm he wasn’t actually in jail-Ed). For the last six months, John has been banished from the centre of Grays as part of his bail conditions.

He tells us that his case has been dealt with and he is now allowed, once more to walk amongst the people of Grays. However, John tells us that he is a reformed character: He supports the booze ban in Grays and looks to the reform of the criminal justice system.

John tells us how he has survived in exile and his plans to get a job.


  1. His return was noted today as he and his cronies many under the influence were blocking the pavement close to the dole office, whilst making suggestive comments to passing young ladies with prams, loud enough for passers by to hear.

    Send him back from where he came.

    He is a waste of space

  2. Spot on confused, Tattoo John and his alcoholic mates are a blight on the area, why Your Thurrck continues to give him air space and celebrity status is beyond me.


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