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Joyce Chipperfield: The Strength Of A Kiss

IF you had a penny for every person who said that they had a novel in them, then I imagine you would have around £27.43. But South Ockendon resident Joyce Chipperfield has taken it to the next step and written and published her first novel: “The Strength of a Kiss”

It is a romantic novel in the Catherine Cookson tradition.

YourThurrock spoke to the self-effacing author about her first novel, her writing style and Joyce’s plans for the future.

If you would like to find out more.

Joyce said “There are several routes one can go – in Google search, my name or the book title will bring up various options; from there one can choose to go straight into Authorhouse and this will take them directly into the Book Shop. (I am currently on the front page of Book Shop).

“On the Authorhouse website one can read what the book is about; an excerpt from the middle of the book and also a brief history of the author.
Or from Google one can choose to go into Amazon – this will allow one to read the first 7/8 pages of the book and also to see any reviews or ratings.

“The third route is by going straight into and then choosing Book Store, (more direct if one doesn’t want to read any reviews”).

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