Thursday, May 30, 2024

Your Olympics Needs You!

THE LONDON 2012 Olympics are looking for 70,000 volunteers who will help to make the Games happen.

With Thurrock a stone throw from the Olympic site, there is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the people of Thurrock to get involved.

Volunteers have been integral to both Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games since they were used for the first time at London 1948. So in 2012, the volunteer programme will be coming home to the city where it all began!

The opportunity of a lifetime

As a London 2012 Games Maker you will be one of the faces of London 2012, with the chance to show what the UK is all about: excellence, passion and positivity. Set against this truly inspirational backdrop you will build new friendships, develop skills and play an integral role at the heart of the largest event ever staged in the UK.

They will give you an official uniform to wear during your shifts, which you can keep after the Games as a souvenir.

They will also give you free meal vouchers to redeem during your shifts – volunteering will be hungry work!

It is important to understand the realities of being a Games Maker – you will not be giving trackside massages or firing the starting pistol! Volunteering will be hard work and time-consuming, and they will be relying on you every step of the way.

The organisations will recruit ‘generalist’ and ‘specialist’ Games Makers, for a wide range of roles. Many of these may be behind the scenes or may require you to work at anti-social times. Some Games Makers may have to work off-site in a warehouse distributing uniforms; others will be outside exposed to the elements for hours on end.

Coordinating up to 70,000 volunteers will be a hugely complex operation for us, so we need you to be as flexible as possible. You will not be able to change your shifts to attend events you may have a ticket for, and they will not be able to roster you with friends or family members.

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