Sunday, April 2, 2023

Tories Welcome Return Of Planning Powers

THE LEADER of the Thurrock Conservatives has welcomed the decision to absorb the Thurrock Thames Development Corporation (DC) within Thurrock Council.

Garry Hague said: “I very much welcome this decision. The new arrangements announced by Bob Neil MP follow the direction we discussed for the TTGDC with Mr Neil before the General Election. I am delighted that the new Conservative Coalition Government has followed this through with speedy action.

“This decision reverses the previous Labour Government’s decision to subsume the TTGDC into the Homes and Communities Agency which would have made decision-making even more remote from the people of Thurrock. The new arrangements will enable Thurrock’s planning powers to be returned to Thurrock Council whilst supporting the most efficient delivery of Thurrock’s critical regeneration projects that will bring much needed new facilities and opportunities for local people.”


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