Sunday, April 2, 2023

Parents Against Lorry Parks Hand Over Petition

REPRESENTATIVES from Parents Against Lorry Parks (PALS) handed over their 1500 strong petition to Thurrock Council at a meeting of the full council on wednesday night.

Members of PALS packed the gallery as they also asked a number of questions to the Leader of the Council, John Kent.

The questions by Shamus McCarthy and Denise Donovan were more pertinent to the previous Tory adminstration who had been in power from 2004 to May 2010 and Councillor Kent advised them so.

Cllr Kent advised them: “The matter of planning enforcement will be on the agenda for the Planning Committee Meeting next Thursday Sept 23rd.”


  1. I wonder who was the Portfolio Holder with responsibility for planning was in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 when no enforcement action was taken?

    I wonder if it could possible have been the current chair of the planning committee, former tory leader Terry Hipsey?

    I wonder how he is going to explain to his own planning committee, why he as the former portfolio holder, did nothing but sit on his hands over this issue for four years?

    Lets hope the Parents Against Lorries demand answers from the former portfolio holder and current chair of planning on the 23rd, should be an interesting meeting.

  2. i am in agreement with Dave. Councillor Hipsey should answer this – perhaps the Editor might push for an interview?

  3. If residents had been complaining non stop for four years about this site perhaps the councillors who voted for this illegal lorry park to be included in the local developoment framework should explain themselves to West Thurrock residents?

    Who were these councillors? They should be named and shamed and made to explain themselves and their actions. Did anything influence their votes?

    Perhaps someone from Parents Against Lorries should ask this question to the former portfolio holder for planning and current chair of planning.

  4. like your style, good question,
    IF the residents had been complaining about this for 4 years …. ?

    As someone who lives in the ward of West Thurrock and South Stifford (includes Purfleet) . Have we made….

    Complaints about the amount of lorries on London Rd, Purfleet and West Thurrock … Yes
    Complaints about overnight parking on Purfleet by pass…. Yes
    Complaints about Dolphin Way …….Yes
    Complaints about Phase 2 of the West Thurrock Relief Rd not being completed…Yes
    Complaints about broken kerb stones, disgarded bottles of urine and general litter, … Yes
    Complaints about lorries attracting unsavoury types and opportunistic criminals to the area…Yes

    Complaints about a lorry park offering proffesional drivers a place to rest and refresh in the south of englands logistic hub … new one on me.

    Operating without proper consent.. that’s not right, but whacking an enforcement notice on the site How much is that gonna cost?
    Basildons enforcement action was in excess of a £1,000,000

  5. Action at last!

    Good to see Councillor Terry Hipsey chair of the planning committee demand enforcement action against this illegal lorry park and demand is shuts within 28 days.

    Just a shame that when he was Portfolio Holder in charge of planning he didn’t demand the same in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

    Better late than never I suppose. Only four years of misery for local residents.


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