Rosh Tikvah Celebrates Sukkot

This week, the Jewish community came together to celebrate Sukkot. Sukkot is one of our pilgrim festivals, which celebrates harvest time and also recollects the time when the Jewish people were wandering through the desert. First was the task of building and decorating our first ever sukkah (temporary booth).

With a wonderful array of home grown fruit and vegetables and vivid green laurel kindly donated by Thorndon Country Park, we manged to create something rather special. The children from Kita Yarok (our youngest class) added to the sukkah with beautifully drawn and coloured images depicting the four species.

The celebration itself gave the children and adults from our cheder (Sunday school) a chance to put into practice all they have been learning about this exciting festival. It was a truly wonderful experience; the sun even shone down on us whilst we recited the brachot!

As always at Rosh Tikvah, the event culminated in a sharing of food, stories and laughter. From a babe in arms, to grandparents, our community made the most of the mitzvah (blessing) to dwell in a sukkah.

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