Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sharon’s Blog: Greenwich Meantime

YourThurrock columnist, Sharon-Louise Acres has travelled up to the University of Greenwich to study Journalism. The three year degree will be vital to fulfilling her dream of becoming a journalist but many future employers will be looking for a large portfolio of work by the time she leaves.

Sharon has already blogged for YT and will continue to send her musings from across the water.

Here, she reflects on going to university

“The rest of our lives is a long time and whether we realise it or not it is being shaped right now. On Monday I entered as some would say, “The big wide world” where my days at university begin. Studying a Journalism course, I have met a wide range of inspirational writers (being my teachers) and it was here where I was faced with the question of: “What it means to me to write?”

Writing for me is a way of expressing my curiosity I have of everything within the world. I am a very curious human being and like everybody, I don’t have all the answers in life. However, I like to find a meaning within almost everything in our lives as I am sure everything has something behind it, and writing enables me to say what I can’t always say out loud or necessarily think clear enough to make sense of in my head.

One intriguing subject to me personally is the idea of a direction in life, why we were brought on this earth and what direction we are supposed to be following. I believe in able to live a life you love; everybody needs to take a step back from their lives and the world around them from time to time to gain a little perspective, and to appreciate the simple things within life in which we sometimes take for granted, such as family and friends. And ask ourselves, where would we be in life right now without them?


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