Friday, March 24, 2023

William Edwards and Thurrock Rugby: A special relationship.

SINCE the school was founded in 1962, William Edwards and Thurrock Rugby Club have had a special and unique relationship. Whilst rugby has found it difficult to get a foothold in many schools in the borough, the Stifford Clays school has gone from strength to strength.

The school have gone far and wide to find competition and when they have there has been many many moments of glory. In the seventies, there was a five year period where they beat Campions five years in a row.

Many of the school players go on to play for Thurrock and indeed some, such as Jim Evans go on to play for top clubs such as Harlequins.

The club are smarting from last weeks defeat but Ralph Henderson and some of the players have taken time out to reflect on that special relationship.


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