Sunday, April 2, 2023

Chemical spillage at Tilbury Docks

Crews were called by Port of Tilbury Police to a chemical spillage. Control operators mobilised a full attendance for a high risk site and seven appliances were sent to the scene.

Firefighters confirmed that the spillage involved a corrosive liquid called paraquat dichloride which is a marine pollutant. At 04:42 hrs, the officer in charge reported that a container carrying the substance had become dislodged from a contractor unit and was on its side with the leakage.

No casualties were involved and firefighters were carrying out an inspection.

At 04:33 hrs, they reported that the chemical involved was confined and that the incident was being left in the hands of Port of Tilbury Police who would be arranging for a specialist contractor to remove the container and clear the site.

The incident was dealt with by 05:01 hrs.


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