Friday, March 31, 2023

It’s Our Theatre: Famous in Belgium

It’s Our Theatre: Thurrock is developing the next generation of arts leaders and creative entrepreneurs, it is produced and delivered by THEATRE IS… Thirteen youngsters ranging between thirteen to nineteen years are being brought face to face with a key audience of European policy makers.

In 2010, Open Days concentrates on the key themes of ‘competitiveness, co-operation and cohesion’ and the entreprenaurial It’s Our Theatre: Thurrock crew delivered an impressive performance at the main opening reception of meetings and debates on Monday.

The crew had been specially requested to perform at an additional event for the ‘Covenant of Mayors’ ceremony on Tuesday.

THEATRE IS… is a regularly funded Arts Council England organisation and The East of England Brussels Office has long supported the work of Arts Council England and is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to showcase the creative talent of the region in Brussels. It’s Our Theatre: Thurrock, a training programme in performance and entrepreneurship delivered by THEATRE IS… has been invited along with project partners at The Hat Factory, Luton and in conjunction with partners in Leuven (Belgium) to take to the Brussels Stage.

Sarah Murray, Team Leader of the East of England Brussels Office was invited to a performance in Thurrock of THEATRE IS…’ in May: “I was particularly impressed with the work of THEATRE IS… and the young people at the core of the activity and saw strong correlations with the emphasis in current EU policy”.

“I see THEATRE IS… creating young entrepreneurs as well as performers, giving the young people transferable skills that will help them irrespective of whether they stay working in the creative sector or bring that learning into other sectors.”

The Brussels trip will provide key opportunities for international knowledge exchange. Andrea Stark, Area Executive Director for Arts Council England said: “By taking their hip hop performances to Brussels, these young people are showcasing talent from the East of England on an international stage and demonstrating why the arts matter to so many. At Arts Council England we believe all children and young people should have the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts; and it is inspiring to see young people empowered to shape their own performances and showcase their talents to the wider world.”

The marked success of the It’s Our Theatre: Thurrock programme is due to the strength of the successful partnerships between THEATRE IS… locally based partners. Lois Bowser, from Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation, a THEATRE IS… partner funding It’s Our Theatre: Thurrock comments; “Open Days will be an excellent opportunity to spur on the talents of young participants from It’s Our Theatre: Thurrock. The Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation is pleased to continue to support entrepreneurship and positive activities for young people through Theatre Is…’ It’s Our Theatre programme.”

The EU’s new 2020 strategy is striving towards ‘smart growth’ where knowledge and innovation become true drivers of growth, promoting the recognition of non-formal and informal learning, such as that done through THEATRE IS… successful It’s Our Theatre Thurrock programme.

Terry Hammond from Thurrock Council, a key delivery partner for It’s Our Theatre: Thurrock enthused ”Thurrock Council is proud to continue working with THEATRE IS… as they continue to deliver such a high quality offer to young people. Opportunities such as the Open Days 2010 will provide a fantastic opportunity for international exposure for young people from Thurrock.”


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