Ormiston students volunteer for half term revision sessions

Ormiston Park Academy students have signed up in their droves for revision sessions during half term, in preparation for the November GCSE exams.

These half-term workshops will consist of extra revision, coursework sessions and general creative workshops that will engage the students to focus on the preparation for their November GCSE exams.

And what is more, over 90% of Ormiston Park Academy’s Y11 students have already signed up.

It cannot be said that the teaching staff at of the core subjects at OPA, who are running these sessions, aren’t shocked by this major turnout of students signing up and committing their holiday time to revision, but we they are well and truly pleased and hopeful that this will mean a good attempt to the November exams.

With this successful high turn out of students signing up, students and teachers have decided to launch these sessions as ‘regular workshops’ every half term holiday approaching GCSE exams.

Huw Derrick, Assistant Principal at Ormiston Park Academy said: “By offering extra tuition to kids who may not be able to receive private tuition at home serves a few purposes: it provides kids with a vision of how they can control their own futures; and it can also keep kids off the streets and in school.

For many of these teenagers they are usually lacking things to do. We try to positively face this challenge and tackle it head on, and re-iterate to our students that the school is their second home and is a base for them to learn.”

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