Friday, March 24, 2023

Bulphan Community Forum News

In response to recent requests from villagers, Bulphan Village Community Forum committee members have:

* Organised a village collection for a presentation to Erwin and Julie Hannemann on the occasion on their Diamond Wedding

* Organised a “No Through Road” sign outside Glenwood (near Pear Tree Lane)

* Paid for a traffic survey (carried out late September) which will provide data for Road Safety engineering options in the village

* Responded to consultations on better communication between Thurrock Council and residents of Thurrock, and on supporting Voluntary and Community groups.

* Arranged for a disabled parking bay to be marked out in the village hall car park

* Arranged for a member of Thurrock Community Safety Partnership to address the Forum on the subject of irresponsible dog-owners who fail to clear up after their pets (if you wish to report this, ‘phone Jim Coote on 01375 652597 with details and his team will take action) * Included a planning page on the website (

Once the traffic survey results and engineering solution options are available, a public meeting will be convened to discuss the best way forward regarding Road Safety.

At their last Open Meeting, Councillor Mike Revell asked for feedback on whether fortnightly waste collections would be acceptable to residents in Bulphan (the general feeling was that weekly collections were necessary). PCSO Paul Challis was happy to report that, apart from an incident involving the escape of a horse from Blacksmith’s Field onto the A128, all had been quiet.

If you have an issue you would like the Forum to address, email or complete an online contact form on the website.

Janet McCheyne (Secretary)


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