Saturday, April 1, 2023

Dartford Tolls to jump up by 66%!

TOLLS are set to increase by 66 percent on the Dartford Crossing by 2012.

The Chancellor’s Comprehensive Spending Review today (October 20) confirmed that toll prices will increase on the crossing from £1.50 to £2 by 2011 and then upto £2.50 by 2012.

Reaction from Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price is expected shortly.

Council Leader, John Kent will be making a speech referring to the toll as well as many other issues at full council tonight.

Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PCC) for Dartford at the last election, John Adams told the Newsshopper: “There will be a lot of public anger about this- it’s totally unexpected.

“The government has been highly inconsistent and MP Gareth Johnson has a lot of explaining to do.

“He fought hard to get the tolls scrapped and his own government has done this- it’s absolutely amazing.

“Increasing the tolls is the government’s way of milking the cash flow, making it a raw deal for the people of Dartford.

“I don’t even think they need to increase them- they generate about £50m a year so it’s totally illogical.

“It’s a government trick to generate more money from motorists who use the crossing.”


  1. What a suprise!!! one of the biggest cash cows in the area and they are looking to boost their profits even further by increasing the crossing toll by £1 within a year and a half.

    So £5 to cross into Kent/Essex and back again, which nornally takes ages due to the queues caused by the toll booths.

    Get rid of tolls and road tax completley and put a penny on a litre of fuel, that way those who use the roads more pay the most.


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