Sunday, April 2, 2023

Mayor expresses dismay as councillors turn backs on war heroes

THERE were two events over the last two months to commemorate the Battle of Britain. One took place at the Purfleet Heritage museum and another was at the Grays memorial.

As part of her duties, Mayor Ann Cheale attended at both. The Lady mayor spoke passionately about her family memories. Indeed, the Mayor has a natural ability to relate to her family history and the borough’s history.

However,on both occasions (bar Grays councillor Mike Stone) she stood alone as a representative of Thurrock Council. Mayor Cheale made her feelings quite plain last night when she told the council how disappointed she was that only one of the councillors turned up to pay their respects to the heroes that saved their country.

For posterity, here is the film of one of the events.


  1. I may not see eye to eye with Mayor Cheal on the majority of things but I have to admit that she is correct in her criticism of her fellow Councillors with their lack of attendance at two of the events to commemorate the Battle Of Britain.

    Where was Cllr Kent? as leader of TBC he should have been in attendance to at least one of the events, this is just disgusting behaviour from our elected councillors and just shows that they will stick the two fingers up to those heros that put the Great in Great Britain, I hope they are all hanging their heads in shame at this dismissal of those that fought in the great war.

  2. I agree with Mayor Cheale’s comments on Wednesday night that some Councillors should have attended the Commemeration of the Battle of Britain.
    My father was a Merchant seaman in WW2 and I have great respect for him and all those that served thier country, and will never forget, no matter how much time has passed. On my next note of never forgetting, I was appalled at the behaviour toward a Thurrock Resident by Mayor Cheale when he had asked a question to Councillor Hipsey. Her contempt for this young man was blatantly cruel. Does this woman think her self importance overides respect of others? Let’s remind you Mayor Cheale you only have your position because Labour were desperate for seats, it certainly was not for your politeness of others. What I witnessed on Wednesday night, it seems that you have passed your manners onto your Labour collegues. It was my first visit to the chambers and I found it quiet disturbing, I was not quiet sure if I was in a play ground or a fish market. My vote has always gone to Labour but what I have witnessed in these last few months has certainly swayed me.
    Deirdre Lodge


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