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Feud between Ockendon and Belhus councillors simmers at meeting.

ONCE there was peace in the land in the north of the borough. Ockendon Labour councillor Barrie Lawrence worked in harmony with his Tory colleagues. Belhus councillor Peter Maynard also seemed to have a symbiotic relationship with them as well.

Those days seem to be gone and judging by the war of words between Belhus councillor Wendy Curtis and Ockendon councillor Amanda Arnold, it looks like it is going to be a winter of discontent from Stifford Road to North Road.

Some say the matter may well be settled at the ballot box with both sides, sources say, believing that the controversy over the Howard Tenens lorry park, South Ockendon residents association and the Dilkes park dispersal order have a long way to run yet.

YourThurrock spoke to Ockendon councillor Amanda Arnold about how the Tories see the problems in the two wards.


  1. Re; “Feud between Ockendon and Belhus Councillors simmers at meeting”
    I agree entirely with the comments made by Cllr Arnold in her video interview with Michael Casey. It is a disgrace that the issues that should have been at the top of the South Ockendon Residents Asscciation [SORA] agenda i.e the distressing impact Heavy Goods Vehicles [HGVs] have on peoples lives and the environement have been obscured by the “war of words” about “personalities”.However, I have to say that the Belhus Ward Councillors have only themselves to blame by allowing “party” political interests to over-ride the iterests of the residents.
    This ,at times, personally abusive “war” came about because I, as a resident member raised a concern about the possibility of “a conflict of interest” arising as a result of the “Chairperson” of SORA [Sue Gray] being a Councillor and also part of the current Council Administration. Instead of treating the issue as a matter of genuine concern and responding accordingly Cllr Sue Gray saw it as a personal attack upon her and immediately rallied her “troops” around her to defend her “honour” and incited them to discredit me by whatever means they saw fit for example the e-mail sent to her, copied to me, by Mr. Chris Savill [nitewolf] which contained abusive and filthy remarks about me and members of the Council and the hostile, abusive and violent reception I was given at a “closed” meeting by the Committee members of SORA which included 2 Belhus Councillors..
    I sincerely hope that Cllr Gray will put the interests of SORA above her own and acknowledge that there is a justifiable concern regarding her role as “Chairperson” of SORA and that of a Councillor and gracefully step-down and concentrate on her duties and responsibilities as a Councillor and leave the running of SORA to the residents unencumbered by loyalties to any political group within the Council.
    To those who accuse me of seeking to become Chair or Vice Chair of SORA let me say I have no ambitions in that direction and would only stand for election in order to oppose and try to prevent the likes of Mr Savill being elected and some members of the current Committee being re-elected..

  2. It does seem to me that protocols have gone through the window on this subject.
    First of all the situation has two seperate issues, the first one is that SORA had been asked by a member of public to support a company that is committing an illegal act re the Land it does business on! SORA cannot and will not support ilegal acts, END OF!
    Secondly, Peter Perin has brought SORA into disrepute and in my opinion is in breach of the constitutuion, showing disrespect towards the Committee and those members working for the association! He has been very personal and insulting towards members also! I will be calling for the suspension of those involved in the personal attack of SORA and its members and request an enquiry into their motives.

    I would also add that it is not for any Councillor to jump on the Bandwagon of the problems of the internal structure of SORA, including the Conservatives! (Amanda). The problems need to be addressed within house and this will be done in a proper manner! (Peter). Amanda, you should not have made comment as a Councillor, as you have now also brought Politics through our door and onto the arena, I say Back off, as you do not understand what is actually going on.
    Your Thurrock’s Michael Casey is just like any other Reporting Media, full of bullshite and sensational crap trap! (Can’t even get the right pictures with the right Story can you Michael?)

    The issues surrounding SORA are for members to sort out and given the time and space, it will be done! But not by outside or Political Sources!

    Chris Savill

  3. As for you Michael, don’t involve Belhus and Ockendon councillor’s feud into the Issues of SORA! Your interview with Amanda has nothing to do with the Councillor problems of Belhus and Ockendon! This is true guttersnipe press and its no wonder your not in the Nationals or TV media! You got the wrong mix as far as I am concerned. Amanda Arnold should hold her head in shame for allowing herself to be interviewed, Cheap trick to try and get votes for next year and have a dig at our committee chair and deputy! Shown your true colours Amanda! Will not be forgotten!!!

    Chris Savill

  4. Well said nitewolf!! I totally agree that SORA cannot support a company that is committing an illegal land act, especially if the members of SORA have a connection to that piece of land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Just read the minutes of last DC planning meeting, it always amuses me how these things become politicised by activists, when the only real issues here are residents requesting their councillors to help them , and those coucnillors doing the complete opposite. For me that points to one of two things, either the councillors are stupid and dont want to be re-elected, or they have something to hide.

  6. Well said Chickenfeed1, but be ware Nitewolf will get you.
    So far there as been a sickly war of words, sometimes abusive,between the belhus residents, and the Belhus ward councillors and SORA.
    Cllr Arnold as made a clear statement,instead of the Belhus councillors and SORA,making cheap “party” politics from this issue,they should have supported the Belhus residents, on the issue of the impact of heavy goods vehicles HGV,on residents and the enviroment,ie Hangmans Woods.
    I feelit as been a complete waste of time so far,with the War of Words from SORA, and the Belhus ward councillors,some of the statements from “Nitewolf” have been at times abusive,and very cheap,it is obvious what he is trying to achieve from his words on this blog,he is trying to become the Chair of SORA,he says he is there to help anybody that as problems?,but not real problems,that are having in the Belhus ward,he is onlt interested in being the Chair of SORA,well good luck to him,I hope all his problems are small ones,as he cant cope with real problems,what is the point of being a King without any subjects.

  7. I can assure all of you that I have no interest whatsoever to become chairperson of SORA….. My only and ultimate goal, is to protect SORA and it’s Constitution for future generations to come.
    The few, who have brought SORA into disrepute will be dealt with by democratic means of an enquiry into this insulting behaviour of compromising the RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION, whether it be personal or political!
    You just still don’t get it do you? Howard Tennans broke the law governing green belt and are subject to legal action. SORA CANNOT AND WILL NOT SUPPORT ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT IS SUBJECT TO LEGAL ACTION.

    The residents will also not support those being disrespectful towards the constitution and the management committee that was LEGALLY elected last AGM!
    I once again, find myself at the butt of critisism as a personal vendetta of Peter Perin who I may add, showed me disrespect via email to our chairperson re my temp role as vice chair. This role I had agreed to do until Nov AGM. I was asked and agreed only until this November and reluctantly, I may add, due to bill stoker resigning due to wifes ill health! A motion was carried at SORA meeting and I was co opted on! I was asked to chair the first meeting as deputy and that did not suit Peter Perrin who began to disrupt proceedings! following that he then slated me in the email to the Chairperson! That is when I resigned the position and wrote an email, which I copied to Peter Perrin! I don’t pull no punches and I responded as I felt apropriate!
    I will meet anyone who accuses me of doing nothing and not supporting the residents in my community, with evidence of my issues and projects, plus witnesses from my community and if need, written statements from ALL COUNCILLORS regarding my pro active work for my community and it’s residents! If you want to disgrace me, then get all of your evidence and front me with it!
    Yes I am outspoken, yes I can be confrontational, yes I care about my community and its people and I will still support many issues at hand. BUT LEGALLY!
    Don’t come to SORA if you support illegal acts, it is disgraceful, disrespectful and shows contempt for the South Ockendon Residents who truly need help!
    Those of you that are guilty of this should be ashamed of yourselves!!
    The people of SORA are strictly voluntary and give their time, the only power struggle is by peter perrin! WHAT A TWAT!!
    Chris Savill

    PS. I’m not ashamed of putting my name to my views, because what i’ve said is 100% correct!

  8. Why O why dont you do us a favour CHRIS SAVILL you do not even live in the belhus area, how about giving your mouth a rest.
    With regards to howard tenens, when they brought the buisness from marley tiles the green belt land in question had an order on it. This had to have hard standing put on it within ten years otherwise it would go back to green belt ie Thurrock Council. Who is being decietful? Certainly not the residents of BELHUS, As for your invitation with regards to meeting you, YOU are of no importance to the residents of belhus. You seem to lack any comprehension that you are not NEEDED, so stop your silly accusations with regards to Peter Perrin and my wife Deirdre, be carefull your words on Your Thurrock can come back and haunt you.
    Simon Lodge

  9. As the organiser of the petition supporting Howard Tenens application to move the entrance to their site away from residential areas I make the following statement:-

    How refreshing it is to know, at long last, that the problem of ever increasing heavy goods vehicles [HGVs] using Stifford Road is a “major concern” for the Belhus Ward Councillors [Sue Gray, Wendy Curtis and Charles Curtis]. Is it just a coincidence that Charles Curtis is standing for re-election next May? The Belhus Councillors say they have been “fighting for FIVE years to stop this Company [Howard Tenens] from operating this way” and that “a petition was lodged with Thurrock Council THREE years ago and the Council has taken action” i.e.” two enforcement notices have been issued by the Council after it was found the green belt had been damaged, these notices are still in place”.

    FIVE long years and the Councillors have achieved nothing. Is it any wonder that the residents of Stifford Road, whose lives have been blighted during those years, are angry and frustrated and were driven to take action of their own and signed a petition supporting a plan by Howard Tenens to move the entrance to their site a few hundred yards further down Stifford Road thereby avoiding HGVs passing residents homes and were prepared to spend a large sum of money on improving the “green belt” area known as “Hangman’s Wood”. The Howard Tenens application, had it received planning approval, would have resulted in an almost immediate solution to the residents problems and would have considerably improved the quality of their lives. This appears to have been of little concern to the Belhus Councillors who declined to support my petition, unless I was prepared to change the wording to suit their purpose, and showed little or no sympathy for the residents who now have to continue to endure the problems caused by the HGVs with no prospect of a satisfactory solution in the foreseeable future.

    Instead what happened was the “CONCERNED” Belhus Councillors opposed the Howard Tenens application on the grounds that Howard Tenens had encroached upon and damaged “green belt” land and that by opposing the application they were the “guardians” fighting to protect it. If truth be told their motivation is somewhat less “honourable”. The sole aim of the Belhus Councillors is to close down the Howard Tenens site completely, giving no regard to the loss of jobs of those local people currently employed there and the possibility of more jobs in the future. One of the Belhus Councillors is Chairman of the Mardyke Veolia Trust which has plans for the development of the site and whose path would be made that much “smoother” were the Councillors to be successful in getting rid of Howard Tenens. They want to be taken seriously regarding their concern for “green belt” land, I do not believe them, I think there are “hidden agendas” personally benefitting at least one of the Councillors. The current condition of the “green belt” land the Councillors are so eager to protect and they say has been damaged by Howard Tenens is, due to lack of proper management, decaying with trees so tightly packed that no sunlight penetrates the undergrowth and the trees are so choked by ivy that they are dying. Perhaps the Councillors would like to tell us what plans they and the Development Corporation [TTGDC] have for managing and improving the condition of “Hangman’s Wood”. If the answer is, as I suspect, that the Council cannot afford to properly manage and improve the area then allow Howard Tenens, who can afford it and are committed to improving the land, do so by approving their planning application which has the support of a large number of residents who, unlike you Councillors who live elsewhere and are not affected, will continue to suffer the problems of HGVs “thundering” past their homes 24/7 every day of the year.

    Finally in response to “Signing is surprising”. 347 residents were not so stupid, as you seem to imply, that they would sign a petition, which you probably have not seen, supporting a plan that would make their lives even more unbearable. Residents were not TOLD to sign anything they were politely asked if they would sign a petition and they willingly did so. Unlike some Councillors I am not in the habit of dictating to people or imposing my will upon them.

    As you identify yourself only as “Name and address supplied” I can only guess your true identity and what springs to mind is an ex Belhus Ward Councillor recently retired who telephoned my husband at our home to rebuke me for “upsetting” the Ward Councillors so I am not “surprised” by your remarks especially as, if you are who I think you are, you along with your fellow Councillors are of the opinion that the public should in your words “keep their noses out of issues they know little about” pay their taxes and their rents and keep their mouths shut.
    Please read this Mr Savill it may be of interest to you.
    Deirdre Lodge

  10. I am a member of South Ockendon Residents Association, Your issue is the supporting of the Howard Tenans illegal operation, therefore your issue is not a SORA issue, because SORA does not support illegal acts!
    SORA’s Issues are with your contempt and disgraceful behavior towards SORA and it’s constitution! This must be addressed to safeguard The SORA and its constitution!
    Not sure where your coming from Deirdre or where your going with the above statement!
    Had you originally aproached me with the real facts and truth and not stabbed me in the back by way of email to sue gray, then I firmly believe the position of your plight would have had a different effect and could have gone a long way to getting this company moved out!
    Do you honestly believe that these jobs your talking about would have any effect on our community’s people? I don’t believe that!
    I spent 30 mins outside Howard Tenans this morning and in that time 5 HGV’s with Pallets went in plus 1 HGV closed trailer. There were 15 HGV’s, Lorries and Tippers drove straight through Stifford road, causing more noise and pollution than those that drove into Howard Tenans!
    That is the way to go! Petition for 7.5ton restriction in Stifford Road and the rest of South Road. The industrial estate will be no more, once the Ford site has developed so there will be no need for HGV’s to pass your Houses, then you would get support from the Councillors and I would make sure of that! But no! You decided to fight SORA AND YOUR COUNCILLORS, now you got nothing, and you’ve let your petitioners down! You’ve burnt your bridges! You don’t disrespect the people who work for the community, just because you can’t have your own way!
    I have read your statement above Deirdre, not sure who you are refering it to though! Makes no difference to the illegal acts committed by that company!

    The Tone of your verbal input Simon, does you no favours in my book. I will take your comments as Threatening Behaviour! I believe everybody has a significant part to play In South Ockendon, that’s if you declare yourself as a South Ockendon Resident Simon, because the association does not discriminate on the Wards! We are all Residents of South Ockendon and the issue affects ALL not just the 347 petitioner’s.

    “Green Belt land is precious in this area and the whole community “Every Lttle Helps”!”

  11. Thank you Mr Savill for your comments, could I ask you with all sincerity that you take a step back and reflect on the Words that you have inflicted to all those that, in thier own right have commented on this site. Your outrage at all who seem to pose a threat to you I am sure cannot be beneficial to your health. I ask you as a concerned resident to let your anger go and to know what will be will be, no matter what we try and do.
    Deirdre Lodge

  12. I have inflicted no words on those that have not warranted a response, No one poses a threat to me as my comments are nothing short of representing SORA and it’s constitution and not myself! My outrage represents the manner in which you you showed disrespect towards SORA and its members. I consider no one or anything to be a threat to me and my health is of no concern or consequence to you! I would point out to you, that I am not the person to sit on the fence and I take your confrontation as offensive towards those who do good work for the community on many issues and not stab others in the back to bring their aims to a conclusion!
    It is you Deidre Lodge who should take a step back and reflect on your bitter manner towards others and the law breaking company that you chose to support, which would have still been detrimental towards other residents if they get their way! They are a business first and fourmost, they don’t give a shit about you and me, they give a shit about money!! You will still get HGV’s thundering up and down stifford road, but most of it will come past the houses anyway! MONEY is there only concern!
    My concern is to get these HGV’s and their Companies away from South Ockendon Residential areas, Belhus is South Ockendon, that’s the way it has always been portrayed to me and that is how it is known!
    When you give confrontation, you should expect a response, that’s how democracy works!
    As far as diplomacy goes, I think you need to look at those close to home and teach them manners in protocol and responses, rather than to tell someone to shut their mouth! Perhaps then, they may be taken more seriously!

    Chris Savill

  13. OH DEAR once again you seem to have your facts WRONG AGAIN, I wonder where you get your information from because you never attend Labour meetings.
    Let me guess could it be the Belhus Councillors are driving your passion to seek revenge on Mr Perrin? There was NEVER a vote that Mr Perrin stand down from his chair position, Mr Perrin through his disgust at the way these Labour Councillors treat the Belhus residents( Assault on residents behind closed doors at SORA meeting) was a major factor in his decision to step down. I have been to the Labour meetings and have never seen or heard Mr Perrin insult or name call any member of the Labour group, infact it has always been the Councillors or wanna be Councillors that have foul mouthed Mr Perrin and with five mins of Tony Lane taking over as chair he too insulted peter by calling him an ASSHOLE which the Councillors Wendy Curtis Charlie Curtis and a few others were in agreement. IT SEEMS TO ME WE HAVE THE DREDGES OF SOCIETY AMONGST US portraying to be honourable citizens.
    As for you Mr Savill your Councillor driven vendetta against Peter stems from you being made to step away from SORA due to your foul mouth and bullying of a resident. Mr Perrin was in his rights as any decent person would to challenge your position on SORA, but it seems your friend, our Councillor Sue Gray, had other idea’s about your conduct, and to address you as HONEY I feel is Inappropriate behaviour? I did here that you put your head down when you saw Peter Perrin just recently, was it because you were looking for a gutter to crawl into or were you not intelligent enough to converse with Mr Perrin?
    I look forward to meeting you at the next SORA meeting.
    Deirdre Lodge

  14. Reply to nitewolf [Chris Saville]
    Yet again you have gleefully rushed into making comment about me which is untrue. You have always stated that SORA is a “non political association and accused me of bringing political issues into SORA meetings but you still persist in attacking me with regard to my political affiliation. You have been misinformed regarding my position as “Chair” of the Belhus Ward Branch of the Labour Party as you will see when you read the statement I made at a Branch meeting on 25th October 2010, I did NOT stand for re-election therefore a vote was not required. My statement to the Branch meeting was as follows. “I wish to make it absolutely clear that my decision not to seek re-election to the position of Chair or any other position was made in the interest of the Branch and the members it was not made as an admission of wrongdoing on my part. It was abundantly clear at the September Branch meeting that the Councillors were opposed to my continued role as Chair and indeed suggested that that it would be better if I left the Labour Party altogether and joined the Conservatives. Cllr Gray has gone so far as to make a formal complaint [about me] the nature of which to this day I have not officially been made aware of. I was asked to attend a meeting at the [Labour Party] Tilbury Headquarters, present was Cllr Fish and Mr Moorman, at which I gathered there was a complaint over an item which I had written that was published in the Thurrock Gazette expressing the disappointment felt by residents at the lack of support the Councillors had given to residents with regard to their petition supporting Howard Tenens planning application part of which was to move the entrance to their site to a location which would have considerably reduced the problems caused by hundreds of Heavy Goods Vehicles [HGVs] thundering past their homes 24/7. I would like to point out that the petition by the residents was an action taken by them as members of South Ockendon Residents Association [SORA] and was not a political party issue and my letter to the Gazette was as a resident and not as a member of the Labour Party. I have consistently voiced my concerns regarding Cllrs standing for election to the SORA Committee, especially with regard to the position of Chair as there is an issue, perceived or otherwise, of a conflict of interests and loyalties arising if residents and the Council are directly opposed. In the light of the ongoing situation regarding the role of the Chair and conduct of members of the SORA Committee my concerns would appear to be fully justified.
    The Cllrs have questioned my loyalty to the Labour Party and accused me of damaging the Party by making a public comment i.e. my letter to the Thurrock Gazette and not keeping the matter “in house”. I will take no lessons from them with regard to loyalty and keeping matters “in house” when they appear to have openly discussed with persons outside of the Labour Party the manner in which they perceived I “chaired” Branch Meetings and accused me of “making Labour meetings so difficult and being overly stern. Those observations could only have come from someone who attended Branch meetings and I can only surmise they were made by a Cllr or Cllrs to members of the SORA Committee. During my time as Branch Chairperson I was never made aware that any member had cause to or had made complaints about the manner in which I “chaired” meetings nor were any such complaints, if there were any, recorded in the minutes of meetings. I am at a loss to understand how I made meetings so difficult.”
    There is an issue of “double-standards” involved here i.e. it seems it is acceptable for the Belhus Ward Councillors and other Labour Party members to make known to “outsiders” such as you [Mr Savill] the buisness of Labour Party meetings and their criticism of a fellow member and then demand that I be disciplined for daring to publicly express an opinion criticising them.

  15. To Mr.Nitewolf.
    I would like to remind you of one of your many staements, you said and I quote, 25th October 2010,” Can assure you all that I have no interest to beecome chairperson of SORA, thats a lie, then in another statement you claim that, you are a Saviour of Morals, and there to protect SORA, but not the Labour Party, from there enemies,ie everybody who signed a petition to stop lorries useing Howard Tenens site in Stifford Road 24/7.
    Then you continue your ravings, by claiming that Mr.Peter Perrin, had lost his chairpersonship on the Labour Party, but even got that wrong didnt you,in your task to undermine Mr.P.Perrin, in reality I feel Mr.P.Perrin is everything you are not,ie Honest and Loyal to the Labour Party, you are good at ridicule and petty stupiditiy, you really lost it in one of your petty ravings by calling everybody Assholes, I honestly feel my old mate, that you should seriously,”GET OUT MORE”, meet real people, you know the ones you say, you will fight for,”GET A LIFE”, and let people get on with there lives,because without your old croonies on SORA,your a bloody nobody, you dont matter to real people,you are just a nasty little nobody, with little ideas, with no where to go with them, other than to inflict them on us,on this blog,SO GET A LIFE MY FRIEND AND GROW UP,it will hurt at first,but it will make you a better person,once you can see beyond your,big nose..

  16. Nite Nite MrWolf.
    Your comments to Nomad,Deirdre Lodge on 25th Oct 2010,proves to us residents along the affected part of Stifford Road Belus Ward,that you havent gor a clue, about our petition or our basic rights, you keep quoting SORA and the local Labour party councillors, who you now claim, to work for and support.
    You have decided because we dont want or need your help or support, we wont get any help with our, on going problems from either SORA or our Labour councillors,have you forgotten,all the promises your so called mates,”Labour Councillors” for the Belhus ward promised us, so that they could get elected, such as ring us up with your problems etc, and will help you,which as far as I am concerned and quite afew local people, tell me that they will never VOTE LABOUR AGAIN.
    I have always been a member of the TGWU now Unite union, and have been a active supporter of the labour party both local and national.
    What as taken place recently in the Belhus ward, as completely shaken my belief in the Labour party in the South Ockendon area of Thurrock, one of the labours local members for SORA, appears to be not only running, the SORA but talks on behalf of the Labour Party councillors in the Belhus Ward,I know who I will be voting for next in this ward.
    If this man “Chris Savill” does speak for the Labour Party in this matter, then God help local politics, because if you dont agree with everything Chris Savill says, you get called a ASSHOLE and a LIAR, he quotes the local labour party and SORA, so somebody must feed him with imformation, because he couldnt quote, chapter and verse without help of some kind.
    So please let the local Labour party and SORA, talk for themselves instead of some pathetic mouth piece, talking a load of ASSHOLE…

  17. To Cllrs.C.Curtis & W.Curtis & S.Gray & Would be Cllr.CSavill.
    I received a photo copy of a letter yesterday, which was pushed through my letter box, the cllrs are worried that there public image might have been affected by bad Press lately, regarding the bad handling of the Howard Tenens site in Stifford Road, they have been fighting for Five years to close down the, Howard Tenens Site, how come that the ordinary resident, living along Stifford Road, wasnt made aware of your good deeds, it good to read that you agree with the residents petition that there far to many lorries useing the main entrance to the site, you say there is over a 1000 HGV’s using the site
    on a weekly basis,you say you want to take over the site, to stop Howard Tenens causing anymore damage, that suggests to me that you havent visited Hangmans Woods lately?, the woods are a complete mess, a concrete hard standing as been placed through the middle of the woods, a high steel fence surrounds the site, there are entrance and exit gates already in place at the rear of the yard, so that they can have the lorries HGV’s leave and enter the site from the rear of the property, instead from the dangerous gates they use at present on a 24/7 basis, your message says that you wont tolerate companies like Howard Tenens trying to gain advantage over the local residents by heavy handed tactics and smashing the local green belt lands to turn a profit, well my friends they have already done the serious damage to the green belt, ie Hangmans Woods, the woods have been smashed to pieces, with no wild life living in the woods, trees chocking to death because ivy as been allowed to take hold, the trees havent been looked after because nobody, could give a BLOODY DAMN, we have been trying to have talks with you three for months, so that we could fight this together , we have been completely ignored by you how elected LABOUR Councillors, even a Conservative councillor as shown more interest in us, I know where my vote will go to come the next local elections.


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