Feud between Ockendon and Belhus councillors simmers at meeting.

ONCE there was peace in the land in the north of the borough. Ockendon Labour councillor Barrie Lawrence worked in harmony with his Tory colleagues. Belhus councillor Peter Maynard also seemed to have a symbiotic relationship with them as well.

Those days seem to be gone and judging by the war of words between Belhus councillor Wendy Curtis and Ockendon councillor Amanda Arnold, it looks like it is going to be a winter of discontent from Stifford Road to North Road.

Some say the matter may well be settled at the ballot box with both sides, sources say, believing that the controversy over the Howard Tenens lorry park, South Ockendon residents association and the Dilkes park dispersal order have a long way to run yet.

YourThurrock spoke to Ockendon councillor Amanda Arnold about how the Tories see the problems in the two wards.

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