Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Carolyne House and Leatherland Lodge: Heart of the community

IN THE second part of our piece on caring we spoke to the managers of Carolyne House and Leatherland Lodge, part of the Kathryn Homes group of residential care homes to assess how the managers develop a sense of caring and a sense of community in the homes.

Jacqueline is new to Carolyne House in Chadwell St Mary but is clearly relishing the opportunities it brings to run her home. Leatherland’s Kim Currie acknowledges and is proud of the reputation that Leatherland has as a key part of the South Ockendon community. Indeed many of their activities are at the heart of the community. Kim stresses that many of the residents are from South Ockendon and it is vital that they do feel they are still a key part of the community.


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