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“Down to Business”

Teenagers rise to the Next Top Boss “Down to Business” Challenge
Hundreds of young people from across Thurrock and surrounding areas are teaming up with national and international organisations to help solve real life business problems as part of the Next Top Boss “Down to Business” challenge.
Down to Business is the final of four challenges in the Next Top Boss competition, designed to help 17-19 year olds to get a firm foothold on the career ladder.  Each team is set a real challenge or dilemma which one of the Next Top Boss organisations is facing, and may see their solution put into practice on a local, national or even global scale.
One team which has already seen the fruits of their labour unveiled in public, literally, is Team Clarity, from Palmer’s College.  The team took on the Royal Opera House’s challenge to brand Ludd & Isis, the People’s Opera which is being premiered at opening of the High House Production Park in Purfleet next month. 
Working with the Royal Opera House team and a professional designer, the budding young business women developed a selection of initial ideas and concepts for a logo which would reflect the story of Ludd and Isis, the gods of the River Thames. They then presented it to Gabrielle Forster-Still, Manager of the ROH’s Thurrock Education Programme at her Covent Garden office. The girls’ ideas were worked up by a professional designer and the logo is now being used on all the promotional material for the opera, across Thurrock and beyond.
Other challenges range from helping Lloyds TSB get the most from being an Olympic Sponsor to finding ways for Palmer’s College to use its space more efficiently and from suggesting tactics to Petroplus to help attract more young people to a career in engineering to designing a photography exhibition for RSPB.
Commenting on the challenge, Next Top Boss manager, Lois Bowser from Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation said; “Throughout the competition we have been amazed at some of the ideas that the teams are coming up with.  From logos and marketing campaigns to environmental solutions and inventions, the range and quality of the ideas is fantastic. 
“Down to Business provides the teams with an opportunity to make a real difference to some of the major organisations we have in Thurrock, giving them a real sense of satisfaction and some real business experience for their portfolios.”
The competition, which has been created and organised by Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation with Thurrock Council and over 30 Thurrock based organisations,  aims to get young people on the career ladder, while promoting local business and the area.
Prizes range from jobs and work placements with top businesses to business courses, the most up to date new technologies including iPads, Mac-minis, Blackberrys, digital cameras, laptops and iPhones, and a fantastic range of work outfits.
The closing date for the competition is 20 November with the winners being announced at an awards ceremony in January 2011 – but it’s not too late to get involved.  To take part in the competition please visit or call 01708 899388. 


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