Monday, May 27, 2024

Dolly’s Christmas Puddings for Little Havens

By Lisa Chapman

It is very refreshing in this day and age to meet anyone who is ready to help others less fortunate than ourselves without reward or thanks. Today Yourthurrock were warmly welcomed to the home of Dolly Turner who has been working her socks off to make Christmas puddings to help raise funds for the Little Havens charity. This is a charity that supports life-limited children and their families and needs as much help as it can get.

Dolly hopes to sell 200 puddings by Christmas this year and is already well on her way to reaching her target. These are each traditionally prepared and then steamed for seven hours and can be made to order to suit personal taste and dietary needs. A 21b pudding costs £11 (you can be assured that this all goes to Little Havens) and obviously any donations are more than welcome but not expected and always gratefully received. ASDA do their bit by selling their ingredients for half price.

If you would like to order a Christmas pudding and help Dolly achieve her target and help a worthy cause, please call her on 01375 842194 .

You might also be lucky enough to find out what her secret ingredient is. She wouldn’t tell me but I suspect that in each one there is at least one tablespoon of love.

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