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Save Orsett Post Office

The popular Orsett Stores in the High Road has given notice that it will cease operations from January 2011.

Manager Paul Wakeling wanted to change the hours that the sub branch operated but this was flatly refused by the Post Office .

In a statement published at his shop Mr Wakering said the following

” It is with Sadness that I must tell you I have resigned from my position as Postmaster when my year trial ends in January 2011.
I have tried to make this service work for the village knowing how valued the service was when Sue Parkin ran it.

Due to the Post Offices intransigence I am unable to provide a service that I think this village needs.. The Post Office is dictating terms and conditions that are incompatible with my small business.

I would like to continue opening the Post Office from 8am until 2pm 6 days a week but this has been refused. If you would like the Post Office to continue here please sign the petition. Hand written letters of support would also be welcome”

A spokesman for the Post Office said: “The Orsett branch will temporarily close on Wednesday, January 12 2011.

“We understand customers will be concerned about the future of Post Office services in their area.

“We would like to assure our customers that it remains our intention to keep a Post Office service in Orsett and we are interested in conducting an additional Post Office trial in the area.

“I would welcome any applications from potential retail partners interested in running Orsett Post Office on our behalf.”

Paul Wakeling has contacted Stephen Metcalf MP for support


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