Monday, March 20, 2023

Teaching The Teachers

Chafford Hundred Campus have a firm grip of the CPD ( Continual Professional Develpment) program. We spoke to Assistant principal George McMillan

· CPD based here is linked to a self assessment done by all staff at beginning of year which identifies strengths and weaknesses; it is also strongly tied to our performance management model.
· We have voluntary training sessions every Tuesday morning, well attended. Topics range from Moodle (our VLE) to outstanding teaching, and are identified through learning walks (senior management team inspections of teaching every week at random), lesson observations, mock inspections
· We provide as many free courses as we can – we employ two full time cover teachers in order to release people on CPD
· Paid courses in general are kept for exam specific courses; most training is done in-house and the impact of it is closely monitored
· We invest heavily in leadership courses such as the SSAT leadership course, and Leadership Pathways run through NCSL; we also bring in external leadership consultants to work with small groups of middle leaders and also SMT to provide executive coaching, which is a high-class CPD opportunity usually only enjoyed by highly paid city workers
· We currently offer the Masters in Education through UEL with a take up of ten staff; however a further 16 staff are doing two of the modules which gives them a PGCE in Leadership…this means that over a quarter of our staff here are doing a post graduate certificate in Leadership.


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