Friday, March 24, 2023

Spurs legend Ricky Villa at Lakeside

Last week it was Darren Anderton this week its Ricky Villa in town to promote their life stories in print. This Spurs fan is in his element

Ricky will always be remembered for the fantastic F A Cup goal he scored against Manchester City in 1981 , a goal he calls lucky in this interview.

Today he resembles Christopher Lee and is away from football although he checks regularly on his beloved Tottinghum Hotspoors.

There was one lovely moment at the store when a poor young Waterstones employee was greeting customers at the door with “Are you here for the book signing or just to shop” and would then direct the customer to the lengthy queue or to the remainder of the shop. When a six foot grey bearded gentleman approached he asked the same question to be given the answer “Why shood I buy zis book . I am Ricky Villa.” Magic!


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