Tuesday, March 28, 2023

UKIP slam fortnightly bin plans

“Both former UKIP parliamentary candidates for Thurrock, Clive Broad and Kerry Smith, have today slammed the Labour Party plans to introduce fortnightly bin collections in the Borough.

“This measure is hamful to public health and an insult to those whom pay their council tax every month. The real reason why this unhygenic scheme is being push forward is to avoid the dreaded EU Landfill tax. Last year, Thurrock Council paid £1.5 million in the EU Landfill tax. The trio of whellie bins hit taxpayers’ for £2.4 million. This £300,000 is small beer to what both Labour and the Tories have wasted on new trendy ways to collect domestic refuse in the Borough.

“UKIP is calling on Thurrock Council to suspend the payment of any more EU landfill taxes to help balance the Council’s books. Coupled with this, weekly bin collections must be maintained.”

yourthurrock understands that only one of the coloured bins will be collected fortnightly ,the others will still be collected weekly.


  1. UKIP want to scrap the three wheelei bins so one must assume with UKIP running Thurrock Council we would go back to black sacks?

    If the council stopped paying the landfill tax then who would accept the boroughs rubbish?

  2. Once again Thurrock is trailing behind forward thinking local authorities in the UK who successfully introduced fortnightly bin collections some time ago. Providing the scheme is accompanied by an efficIient door step recycling operation, there is no reason why there should be any health issues. Come on Thurrock, catch up with the rest of the country!


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