Friday, March 24, 2023

Freedom of Information: October’s answers

EACH month, YourThurrock takes a dip into the FOIA to see what questions members of the public have been asking and indeed what response they have received.

Council Houses

Total number of council houses sold under the “Right to Buy” scheme has declined year on year since 2000.

188 were sold in 2000, declining to 51 in 2004, 23 in 2006 and 5 in 2010. A total of 735 in ten years.

Horse Passports

There were 84 horse passport checks in the borough in 2010.

Overpaid Housing Benefit

Between 2004-08, £38,033.70 was awarded in compensation to claimants who were wrongly sanctioned. Of this amount £3,247 was withheld as claimants were already in arrears with rent accounts.

School Expulsions


Belhus Chase: 6 plus 17 managed moves

Five pupils or fewer

Bonnygate Primary
Chafford Hundred Campus
Deneholm Primary
Gateway Academy
Grays Convent
Grays Media Arts College
Purfleet Primary
Shaw Primary
St Cleres
Thameside Infants


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