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Thurrock doctor suspended over sexual harassment claims

A THURROCK doctor has been suspended after he sexually harassed two nurses on his first two days at work reports the Daily Telegraph.

Akinfemi Akingboye was just hours into his first shift as a locum senior house officer when he noticed two nurses.

He grabbed one nurse, a blonde in her 20s, by her head and tried to kiss her in the staff room.

He also told another he wanted to ”get to know her better” on her break before sniffing her hair.

Akingboye was sacked from Warwick Hospital for gross misconduct and questioned by police over the incidents which happened on October 26, 2007.

No criminal charges were brought but he was hauled before a disciplinary hearing of the General Medical Council last April.

The nurse, referred to as Ms C, told the hearing he approached her in a corridor at 10.30pm and whispered: ”You smell good. What are you wearing?”

She rejected his advances but the next morning he stopped a second nurse, referred to as Ms D, and told her she had ”lovely teeth.”

He also propositioned her in the staff room, asking her for her telephone number and inviting her to London for ”fun”.

When she told him she wasn’t interested he grabbed her head and tried to kiss her.

When confronted by health bosses Akingboye claimed Ms D had ”got inside my head” and put him in a ”whirlwind”.

He was given a three month ban by the General Medical Council (GMC) and ordered to tell future employers about his punishment.

But in January 2008 Akingboye applied for a job at the London Deanery, a medical research and training centre.

He lied on the application form by denying being the subject of a police investigation.

He also stated he had never been dismissed from previous jobs.

Akingboye has now been suspended for a further 28 days.


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