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Titan Works appeal against lorry park enforcement

IT WAS Corringham councillor Phil Anderson who was concerned that the planning committees decision to slap a 28 day enforcement notice was “gesture politics” that may not work.

He may be right as the Industrial Chemicals Group (ICG) who operate the unauthorised Titan lorry park on Oliver Road, West Thurrock have appealed against the enforcement notice.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said “:An appeal against the Enforcement Notice was received last week. It is anticipated that a decision will not be made in relation to that appeal until some time in 2011. Until the appeal is decided, the council is not empowered to take any formal action against the breach of planning control.

“If the appeal is dismissed, the council will act swiftly to ensure that terms of the notice are complied with”.

YourThurrock will be gauging reaction from a number of groups over the coming days


  1. I have been watching this story with some interest, as I don’t think the residents who were against this lorry park quite understand what they are doing or the implications to their area. The fuel for this fire is quite obviously being stoked by someone from outside and the residents are being duped. If they are successful in getting the lorry park stopped they should ask themselves one question. Where are the lorries going to park now?, and the answer to that question is quite simple, on the streets of West Thurrock and South Stifford, exactly where the residents did not want them. Maybe a little more thought before action is required.

  2. the whole thing is flawed .
    The lorries using this park come down past lakeside or come down from the tunnel along london road as far as just past the turrock bridge and neither of these routes affect the local residents by going past their houses or schools ect.
    Another complaint alleged was about air quality for the school in the area made by lorries using the truck park ,they seem to forget about the train lines, co op warehouse in between the school and if the residents are so worried about the amount of traffic using london road and the air quality why aren’t they protesting about the new flats and houses which are being built directly next to and around the school and all the extra cars that comes along with these new buildings .
    I repeat th school will soon be surrounded by flats and houses and if i was a local resident i would be more worried about that bearing in mind that the road for the flats is the same as the school .
    Another point is that the petition was being banded about in The Cabin ,a cafe where mainly lorry drivers use during the daytime and most of these were not local residents (this came about from a chat with one of our delivery drivers who asked me what this petition was about).
    And yes where are all these lorries going to park if they win in getting it shut down and where will it stop ?will it be another campaign to get local industry closed down because of lorries going to and from there?


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