Saturday, June 22, 2024

Concerned Conservative slams green belt development in Aveley

CONCERNED Conservative cllr Stuart St Clair-Haslam has called for Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price to “call in” the proposals for Barratts to build 350 dwellings on green belt land in Aveley.

The Little Thurrock councillor told the full council that he had had a meeting with the newly formed Aveley Residents Committee who were very concerned at the proposals that go before the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporations planning committee tomorrow (Monday).

Aveley councillor Wendy Herd outlined the efforts the Aveley councillors had made to fight for the local residents.

She said: “We have fought for the local residents the whole way. We have attended countless meetings and travelled to London to present a petition to the secretary of state.”

Cllr St-Clair-Haslam’s motion was noted by the council.


  1. How odd for the councillor to raise this curious issue about an area he has previously not taken an interest in.

    He didn’t seem interested in the dreadful commercial blot on the landscape he was trying to push through( against Green Belt policy) in Ship Lane, Aveley.

    He didn’t seem interested in the 500+ homes being proposed in Romford Road, Aveley – also in contravention of Green Belt policy.

    He didn’t seem interested in the 32 dwellings proposed on Green Belt in Purfleet Road, Aveley either.

    Hmmm, Concerned Conservative? Or looking after an independently minded friend????


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