Sunday, May 19, 2024

Youths vandalism nearly led to victim losing job

A YOUTH who caused thousands of pounds of damage to a car was told by the victim that his actions nearly cost them their job.

Grays youth court heard that the teen, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had jumped on the roof of the parked green peugeot after a drunken night out in Grays.

His actions caused £1636 worth of damage but in a victim impact statement the owner of the vehicle told the court that the inconvenience had severely impacted on her job and caused them great stress, inconvenience and financial loss.

The youth pled guilty, expressed his remorse and offered to apologise to the victim in person.

He was fined £400.


  1. What a flaming joke this countries justice system is, these magistrates need to take a long hard look at themselves in the morning and start living in the real world.

    This drunken prat causes over £15k worth of damage and almost destroys the victims live and livelyhood and all they get is a paltry £400 fine, when will sentences start matching the crimes?????

  2. it’s time for more punitive fines even if the drunk boy was ordered to pay the insurers that way he couldn’t get out of paying the money back as insurers ,as we all know ,don’t let anyone off any money owed to them and have the financial resources to chase the people up until they pay .
    before anyone says “what about the victim?” i fully agree with that as well however i live in the real world and know that when an award is made to the victims and the person doesn’t pay ect then it’s up the the victims to persue it and they usually haven’t got the time or the money or the resources to do it and will eventually give up as toe other person can play the system whereas ,tho it’s not right that the insurers get the money at least the criminal will be forced to pay up and will be properly punished for their crime .


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