Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Big Society: The meat on the bone?

WHEN the Prime Minister David Cameron rallied the troops during the general election at Palmer’s College, the “Big Society” still seemed no more than a t-shirt.

Eight months on and communities secretary Eric Pickles has published the localism bill which puts on paper, the “meat on the bone” of the big society.

The question is: will we really see the public counter at South Ockendon police station kept open in the evening by volunteers; libraries manned by the public or unoccupied business units re-energised by public.

Perhaps this will be the task of all the groups in the voluntary sector as they bid for the funding from the council next year.

YourThurrock spoke to Jackie Doyle Price about what her understanding was of the bill and how it will make a tangible difference to the people of Thurrock.


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