Friday, July 19, 2024

Remembering Gerry Rafferty

IT MUST be something to be present in the studio when the famous Baker Street was recorded. It must be something to have been at a party in the flat where Gerry Rafferty felt uncomfortably “Stuck in the middle with you”. These are just two of the memories that Grays-based Gerry Calder has of his old friend Gerry Rafferty, who passed away earlier this week.

Most of us know Gerry Calder as the man behind the Thurrock Over-55′ forum but his roots are in the scottish folk scene in the mid-sixties and beyond.

With Gerry Rafferty passing away on Tuesday at the age of 63, we asked Gerry to reflect on those memories and pinpoint any particular anecdotes. Gerry also raided his photo albums to show us some fascinating insights to life as a struggling artist in the sixties and early seventies.

All photographs reproduced with kind permission of Gerry Calder.


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